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Faqs About Same Day Crowns

Same day crowns offer a quicker way to restore or protect a damaged tooth. Streamwood, IL, Dentist Dr. Christopher Schneider of dental crownsStreamwood Smiles answers a few commonly asked questions about this restoration option.

How is it possible to receive a crown in one visit?

Same-day crowns are created in our Streamwood office, not a dental laboratory that serves many dentists in the area. Because you don't have to wait for a lab to produce your restoration, you'll only need to visit the office once.

What will happen during my appointment?

At the beginning of your visit, your tooth will be shaped to ensure that the crown can slide over it easily. Shaping is followed by a digital impression of your mouth with a scanner. Unlike messy putty impressions used for porcelain crowns, digital impressions only take seconds and don't require any putty.

Once your impression is transmitted to our computer, we'll use computer-assisted design/computer-assisted manufacturing (CAD/CAM) techniques to design your new crown. After the design is complete, it will be sent instantly to our in-office milling machine.

The milling machine creates your new crown by removing layers from a small ceramic block. Thanks to CAD/CAM technology, it's possible to create a crown that fits your mouth perfectly in just about 30 minutes. Although same day crowns fit very well, a few minor adjustments may be needed to improve the fit and feel of the crown. Cementing your crown to your tooth is the final step in the process.

Are same day crowns as effective as porcelain crowns?

Same day crowns are incredibly durable and designed to weather normal wear and tear just like porcelain crowns. They offer an excellent way to protect and restore teeth or even change their appearance.

Do same day crowns offer any special benefits?

Same day crowns not only save time, but allow you to avoid temporary crowns. Temporary crowns are worn while you wait for your permanent porcelain crown to be finished and require you to avoid foods that can damage them.

Over time, the porcelain finish of a porcelain-fused-to-metal can wear away, avoiding an unattractive metal surface. Because ceramic crowns contain no metal, the appearance of your crown will never change.

Are you interested in learning if same day crowns are a good option for you? Call Streamwood, IL, Dentist Dr. Christopher Schneider of Streamwood Smiles at (630) 289-7111 to schedule an appointment.

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