Office Re-opening

We're happy to announce that Streamwood Smiles Dental Care will reopen on June 8 to treat all our patients. Thank you so much for your support during this difficult time.

Please note that as a result of COVID-19, we have updated some of our daily procedures. You'll still receive the same great service from our dedicated team, however to ensure the safety of all our patients we've implemented the following changes:

1). Required Questionnaire: all scheduled patients will be asked a set of health-related questions upon scheduling your appointment. Please let us know if your health changes before your appointment as we will have to reschedule.

2). Required Face Mask: all patients are required to wear a face mask upon entry to our building and until a member of our dental team asks you to remove it.

3). We are asking that all patients please stay in their car or outside. Please call us or knock on the window upon arrival. All patients will be greeted at the door; their temperature taken and the health questions asked again before being escorted to the operatory.

4). We will have limited patients in the office at one time to allow for social distancing. ONLY patients are allowed in the building. If a child, ONLY one parent/guardian is allowed to enter.

5). Wash your hands. when entering the operatory, each patient will be asked to wash their hands prior to sitting down.

6). Patient rinsing: An anti-baterial rinse will be provided to rinse for 1 minute which will help reduce aerosol contamination.

7). Keeping appointments/timeliness: as we are greatly limiting the number of patients we now see in the office, please remember to keep your appointment and arrive on time as we are on a strict schedule.

8). Protective Attire: we are adding increased protective gear; machines; purifiers;fogging and sterlizing to protect; capture aerosoles; and purify the air for everyone in the office. Note: our office will be kept cold to help the staff with extra PPE.

9). If your appointment was cancelled during the Shelter in Place, please contact us via phone @ (630) 289-7111.

Again, thank you so much for your support. We're happy to continue serving you, and can't wait to see your smile!

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